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Testimonials – What players are parents are saying about the Outlaws

“The Alcatraz Outlaws was, without a doubt, the best experience I have ever had playing lacrosse. It is difficult to explain how much fun it is to play with your closest friends, at such a high level. Every kid on the team truly belongs there, allowing for fun – filled competitive practices and thrilling games against the East’s best. (Click to read the rest!)While everyone’s ultimate goal was to stand out and get recruited, our team was cohesive and unselfish. Perhaps most importantly, the coaching staff was incredible and definitely elevated my game to a whole new level. They truly took it upon themselves to help us not only get better, but to find the right school for us. I can wholeheartedly say that without the help of Coach Grose, Coach A, and Coach Braden, I don’t think I would have been able to get recruited to Middlebury. If you have the opportunity to play for the Outlaws, I would advise taking it.”

-Mani G – Alcatraz Outlaw, 2011. Verbal Commit to Middlebury

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