Gait Cup – A Recap

As I sit in Dulles Airport one week after concluding the Gait Cup, I’m still smiling! What an incredible run for the Alcatraz Outlaws. While we’ve had success since we began the club 3 years ago, the WORD is officially out – the Alcatraz Outlaws are for REAL:

  • While sitting on the beach in Virginia wearing my Outlaws shorts and slinging with my son, I was approached by two young men with sticks who asked whether I was the father of a player on the Outlaws. After letting them know I was not nearly old enough to have a son on the squad, I told them I was one of the coaches. We shared a laugh and they told me our game vs Edge Elite was the best lacrosse they had watched this summer and they hoped to play in the Upper Division next year and get a crack at the 2012 Outlaws.
  • I was just approached in Dulles Airport dropping my Outlaws bag off at the Virgin American counter by 3 young men who just finished playing in the Adidas Event for Nor-Cal. They were all from the Sacto area and asked how “Mikey – the Davis Legend” played — DAMN WELL I replied!
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