The Alcatraz Outlaws provided the perfect opportunity for Austin to maximize his recruiting exposure. The collective leadership of Braden, Dave, and Greg, acted as our consultant, guiding and carrying us through the entire recruiting gauntlet. They guide you in the direction of the schools that are the appropriate fit academically, geographically, socially, and lacrosse ability. The Outlaws play in outstanding national tournaments against the top travel teams in the nation in front of hundreds of coaches at all levels from D1, to D2 and D3, to MCLA, so all players are being scouted comprehensively. Equally important the coaches continually directed and stressed to Austin through the practices and games the individual and team oriented skills he should be focusing upon to ensure he would be put in the best light possible in recruiting evaluation. While Dave and Greg coach the team Braden tirelessly and effectively works the evaluating coaches’ sideline with the targeted schools/coaches securing feedback and putting the Outlaw players in the best light possible.

The contribution of the Outlaws to Austin landing at Denver University is linear: Denver was at the Outlaws first practice of our first tournament – King of Hill(KOH). Yes in the infamous words of Allan Iverson’ “ we are talking practice!” Both Austin and I were blown away by that and it came about as a function of Outlaw work well in advance. Further Denver as well as two additional top D1 universities at the top of our desired list attended every Outlaw game at both KOH and Gait Cup, again a credit to the advance prep.

Lastly Braden proved to be invaluable in his guidance and direction with regards, to advising us on schools that were interested, which to visit, what to expect and do during the visit, and ultimately helping us sort through the offer and make our final decision. We could not be happier with our experience and know we found the right home at Denver University and are equally thankful for the friendships and good times enjoyed this past summer.

-Todd French, son Austin, San Ramon Valley (Verbal Commitment to Denver)


Playing with the best players makes you better. The Outlaws consistently are comprised of the best players in Northern California. If you play on the Outlaws, you’ll be seen by top college programs. As we considered joining the Outlaws in late 2011, I was skeptical the experience would be additive to what I thought I already knew. We went through the recruiting process with Roy in 2007, then Kelly in 2008, and they were both doing well academically & athletically at Cornell. Joe had his short list and we had a plan to visit those schools through the Spring. Looking back now, I realize how much the process had changed & accelerated since ’07/08 and Joe and I are thankful that Braden was there to guide us. The recruiting landscape continues to evolve so quickly, that everyone can benefit from an expert that is current. Braden’s in constant contact with college coaches, so he’s up to date on what they’re thinking and doing. He’s aware of any changes, in real time, as they’re unfolding. He’s engaged, involved and an excellent advocate. Thank you Braden, Dave & Greg for creating a successful recruiting program, allowing us to be a part of it and helping Joe make his decision.

-Steve Lang, son Joe, St. Ignatius College Prep (Committed to Admissions at Harvard)


For Michael, playing on the Outlaws was been the best decision he has ever made. The high level competition from King of the Hill and Gait Cup tournaments as well as the efforts of coaches Dave, Greg and Braden gave Michael maximum exposure to plethora of college coaches who attend these events. I’m not sure I can find the words to do justice to what Braden, Dave and Greg did for the boys; how hard they worked to make sure the collegiate coaches took notice. They are your son’s greatest advocate, his sharpest critic and his best cheerleader. The moment Braden received our email accepting the invitation to play on the Outlaws he began asking Michael questions about grades, test scores, schools of interest, video, contact information. Before Michael had even practiced, Braden had contacted some collegiate coaches and former Outlaws (who are current collegiate players) to look at Michael’s video and give him feedback. Dave, Braden and Greg took a group of boys and parents from ALL over Northern California and helped them become a family. In a few short practices they shaped them into a team that played unselfishly and successfully. Each practice focused on the fundamentals for both offense and defense with coaches teaching and demanding good technique. The Alumni game was like being at an NCAA All-star game and the Easton gear was great. At the parents meeting the coaches try to tell you what a roller coaster ride it will be during the summer and you nod your head but they’re not kidding!!! At each tournament, Greg, Braden and Dave made sure to talk to the college coaches and if they didn’t already know the college coach, they made sure to meet that coach. Every step of the way Braden, Dave and Greg will be there for your son. After the tournaments they were available anytime to offer advice and help with the recruiting process. Ultimately when Michael made his decision to attend Michigan, the first people he contacted were Greg, Dave and Braden. As others have said before me, if your son is asked to play for the Outlaws, don’t hesitate – say “yes”! We feel so fortunate and thankful that Michael was given this opportunity. It was the most important thing in lacrosse that Michael has ever done. How can we describe the experience – awesome, incredible, and ridiculously fun.

-Bob Hernandez, son Michael, Piedmont High School (Michigan)


 Dave, Braden and the rest of the Outlaw coaches got Mitchell ready for the Maverik showcase in July. I wasn’t able to attend, but was told Mitchell played extremely well and made the All-Star team. Notre Dame was there and saw him play several games and it all just came together. I feel very fortunate and could not have asked for a better outcome. More importantly we are grateful to be part of the Outlaws as, without it, Mitchell would not have had this opportunity. Beyond providing great lacrosse skill development, you, Braden and the rest of the coaches provide an environment that focuses on team, leadership, personal responsibility and sportsmanship; everything we are trying to instill in Mitchell at home. Again I feel really fortunate to be part of the Outlaw program – it ranks right up there with De La Salle football as the best sports experience for my kids and as a great experience for our family.

-Tom Olinger, son Mitchell, De La Salle (Verbal Commitment to Notre Dame)


Coaches, We would like to thank all of you for your efforts in making the King of the Hill and Gait Cup Tournaments both successful and rewarding experiences for Ben. He has benefited greatly from your coaching and really enjoys being an Outlaw. We especially appreciate the extra effort that you put into guiding him through the recruiting process, which resulted in him accepting an offer from the University of Richmond. You helped him turn his dream into a goal into a reality. Well done.

-Ron Parietti, son Ben, Jesuit High School (Committed to Richmond)


Having Jordan play for the Alcatraz Outlaws was without a doubt, one of the key reasons for his successful recruitment to Penn State. Braden, Greg, and Dave were instrumental in guiding us through the process, always with Jordan’s best interest at heart. They are incredibly knowledgeable and were always available to make contact with college coaches. They promote a tremendous team atmosphere while putting together the top talent the Bay area has to offer. They have put Nor Cal lacrosse on the map! These coaches are respected amongst the college coaching ranks and are known to pick talent able to play at the next level. The Alcatraz Outlaws is the ONLY team I would trust my son with. It was an amazingly positive experience all the way around!!

-Dawn Weiss, son Jordan, San Ramon Valley (Committed to Penn State)


The Alcatraz Outlaw experience was a very good one for our son. Though a conflict prevented him from attending one of the scheduled tournaments, at the King of the Hill tournament I watched coaches Edwards and Grose carefully manage conversations with a number of college coaches who were interested in knowing more about various Outlaw players. Occasionally, a coach might say, “Can you show me how that player works as a middie?” Coach Edwards would then adjust his lines to accommodate that coach’s request. That’s when the differences between a recruiting club team and a travel team became clear to me. Additionally, after the Outlaws returned to San Francisco, Coach Edwards inquired about the list of schools our son was targeting, to see if he could assist in making contact with coaches at those schools. Due to a recent coaching change at Harvard, our son had not been able to make contact with the new Head Coach. Braden Edwards said, “I know Coach Wojcik well. Why don’t I give him a call?” Within hours, our son was in contact with Coach Wocjik, setting up a visit to Harvard that took place two weeks later. Though our son ultimately committed elsewhere, the amount and level of effort put forth by Coach Edwards was truly impressive! In all, the Outlaws provide a high value, personalized recruiting service for each player on the team. Based on their results over the last two years, they are very good, indeed, at what they do.

-Bill Welty, son JW McGovern, St. Ignatius College Prep (Verbal Commitment to Yale)


I had always heard about the Outlaws being the preeminent high school travel team representing Northern California, so when my son was asked to become a part of the Outlaws team, I was excited about the prospects for his development. However, I had no real tangible idea of what that ultimately would mean for him in terms of options to play lacrosse beyond high school. Sitting where I am today, I can honestly say that the benefits of being on this team, playing with these quality players and being coached and advised by all these coaches (Braden, Dave, Mike and Greg) helped Niko not only to become a better player and teammate, but ultimately, it opened up opportunities and doorways that we never knew could have existed for Niko in 2011. The advice he received, and confidence he gained from Braden and Dave, during the process of being on the Outlaws helped him gain a clear focus of what he wanted in a college and it helped us to find the right opportunity or “fit” for our son in a college program. Many travel teams and camps boast about their ability to get players recruited and the number of schools that attend their events. The Outlaws focus on the placement of your kids into high quality schools throughput the United States and their results are unmatched. As I like to say to the Outlaws coaches… ” You coaches are changing the lives and opportunities for Northern California Lacrosse players, one player at a time“. This statement is especially true given the proximity of our area as compared to the numerous lacrosse hotbeds back east. The Outlaws success on the field, the advice and guidance they provide Players and Parents, and the placement of Outlaws players into high quality D1, D3 and MCLA college programs is without compare in the West. I want to personally thank Braden and Dave for their commitment to my son, and in helping him to find his way through the peaks and valleys of the college recruiting process. Their advice, guidance, perspective, and relationships are beyond reproach within the college coaching community and they all worked together and helped to expose the benefits of our son to these coaches, not only as a player, but as a student and as a person. Thank you so much.

-Amy Souze, son Niko, San Ramon Valley (Verbally Commitment to Furman)


I must admit I had high expectations of the benefits my son would accrue from being part of the Alcatraz Outlaws program and am very happy to be able to say that all aspects of my expectations were greatly surpassed. On the lacrosse field all of the coaching team are adept at identifying player strengths and weaknesses, and strongly focus on overall player improvement. However from my perspective, the most important benefit they bestowed was the manner in which they (particularly Braden) helped Aran get a clearer understanding of what he wanted in a college and how lacrosse can help him achieve his goals, in terms of getting into the right college / lacrosse program and more importantly life after college . As it relates to the college recruiting process, this summer has cemented my view that navigating through it is most definitely an art not a science, and Braden and Dave proved themselves to be artists of the highest order. Their strong relationships and more importantly their reputation with key college programs were instrumental in creating a number of excellent opportunities for Aran. They were also extremely involved and available to guide both Aran and I through the process which at times appears like a maze. They put Aran in contact with their own personal network and Alcatraz alumnus to help him make a decision on what was best for him. During all aspects of the journey, all the coaching team were open and honest and their communication style with both players and parents is excellent. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending their program to anyone, and hope my younger son will be invited into the program.

-Paddie Robers, son Aran, San Ramon Valley (Committed to Admissions at Princeton)


The Outlaws are a known and respected entity among college coaches. The team draws attention from all of the top programs as the coaching community has come to expect that the team will represent the best players from the bay area. In tandem with that Braden understands the recruiting process, has the connections, and acts as a coduit between coaches, parents and players to facilitate and navigate a sometimes overwhelming and confusing process. Additionally, the teams are well coached, play an aggressive but selfless brand of lacrosse and perform very well. The players also have a lot of fun which is key in a grinding and stressful environment. Sean is committed to DU but had interest from a number of other top programs including Maryland, Georgetown and Loyola and Braden and the Outlaws helped us navigate the process and find the right fit.

-Nick Mayle, son Sean, Sacred Heart Prep (Committed to Denver)


By high school, lacrosse club selection comes down to three considerations: You want your son playing with the top talent in the area to see if he is as good as he thinks he is. You want top coaching from guys who have played at the top level. And finally, you want your son to be recruited to the program best suited for his abilities, be it Division 1, Division 3, or the MCLA. Choosing the Outlaws is an easy decision because they are the best at all three. The Outlaws were the first Bay Area program to participate in the eastern tournaments specifically designed to expose high school players to coaches from the strong college programs. As such, they seem to have a monopoly on getting the top talent. Most, if not all, of the top players from the Bay Area in the last 5 years played as an Outlaw at one point. The three coaches, Baden, Dave, and Greg, have outstanding experience both playing and coaching at the top high school and collegiate levels, locally and on the East Coast. One of the most important benefits of being on this team is the ability to take advantage of the number and level of contacts between the three coaches and the current collegiate coaches, and how highly the Outlaw coaches are regarded. The success of former Outlaw players has generated an enormous amount of credibility within the college community. One coach said to me, “I ought to just take the whole 2014 Outlaw team and be done with my recruiting”. It was truly impressive watching coaches seek out the Outlaw coaches to discuss who would be right for their programs. While many travel teams boast about their ability to get your son recruited, the Outlaw coaches back up that claim. They honestly care about your son and work extremely hard to find the correct fit.

-Adam Tracy, son Patrick, Redwood High School


The Alcatraz Outlaws is an incredible lacrosse experience. In my opinion, the Outlaws is a combination of three things: the best players in Northern California, a trio of exceptional coaches, and a group of extremely supportive families. Braden, Dave and Greg are all great coaches with impressive resumes. They did a great job of molding 20 players into a cohesive unit. The 2014 team was extremely unselfish and advanced to the semi finals in both the King of the Hill Tournament in Maryland and the Gait Cup in Gettysburg, PA.I expected great coaching but I was extremely impressed with the recruiting effort. It became very clear that the Outlaws were a popular team with many college coaches. The 2014 Outlaws played in front of a bevy of college coaches. The exposure was excellent, and my son got the opportunity to play in front of some of the top D1 Head Coaches in the country. The Outlaw coaches were a great recruiting resource for us. They have outstanding relationships with many of the top coaches. My son got numerous calls from top schools. The Outlaw coaches were great at presenting the different college opportunities. The off field “coaching” thru the recruiting process was extremely beneficial and resulted in offers from some of the top schools in the country. This would not have been possible without the help of Braden, Dave and Greg. I highly recommend the Alcatraz Outlaws to any lacrosse player who wants to reach his peak potential and play at the next level.

-JC Reid, son Joe, Casa Grande High School (Committed to Denver)


I think the Outlaws program is structured and operated in a way that truly sets it apart from the myriad and growing choices for select players in the Bay Area. As elite travel teams go, I believe this group truly plays as a team – a philosophy that the coaches instill from the outset. The team’s ability to win with class, and to consistently make it to the finals of tournaments back east has college coaches (and parents of opposing teams) taking notice and asking, “who are these California guys and how can they be playing like that?” Braden, Dave, and Greg are then happy to make introductions to these college coaches, and in many cases know them very well through having been teammates or competitors over the years. The Outlaws’ coaches exude a love for helping kids and have the ability to translate their ongoing passion for the game into producing maximum results for the players’ performance on the field as well as for helping the student/athletes and parents as they learn to navigate the recruiting realm. Braden in particular was instrumental in guiding my son Charlie through all aspects of interacting with college coaches and understanding the expectations around timing and content of communications with those coaches. Braden’s responsiveness to our questions and his candid assessment of evolving situations at various schools that showed interest in Charlie made a big difference in Charlie’s ability to maintain perspective and focus during the recruiting process. Having Braden as a resource and advocate was invaluable. I can’t say enough about the program and the coaches. They make it fun for the kids and parents to be part of the Outlaws. I think they do a great job in preparing the players to perform as a team while also allowing every kid an opportunity to show off their individual skills on the field. The Outlaws have truly created a winning formula.”

-Rob Ford, son Charlie, St. Ignatius College Prep (Georgetown)


 The Alcatraz Outlaw experience is unlike any other lacrosse team you’ll experience. The team is incredibly organized, the players selected are among the very best that NorCal has to offer in terms of talent and character and the coaching is nothing short of outstanding. The tournaments played in saw more Recruiters than any other we’ve seen and resulted in an offer for my son from his dream school. A school that was not on the radar screen prior to the Outlaws!

-Geoff Latendresse, son Jordan, San Ramon Valley (Penn State)


Our son’s experience, playing for the San Francisco Alcatraz Outlaws this summer was a unique and extraordinary opportunity! The superb coaching by Braden Edwards, David Grose and Greg Angilly was individualized for each team member and went far beyond all expectations. Every player received hand’s on instruction which helped them achieve their personal best while playing with the best players from Northern California. Playing for the Outlaws meant our son was mentored and promoted by the best Northern California coaches who have the respect and ear of elite college lacrosse coaches from the DI, DII and DIII levels. The team’s success in the past few years speaks for itself, holding its own against highly ranked East Coast club and high school teams and winning the prestigious Gait Cup tournament last summer. Thanks to Braden, David and Greg, our boys received great recognition and exposure as well as the confidence to measure themselves against elite East Coast players. The Alcatraz Outlaws played as a team, not a bunch of Hotshots! As parents, we were able to participate and support the team at any level we chose and were comfortable with. By the end of a few short weeks, we felt as close to the families, players and coaches of the Alcatraz Outlaws as we did with the high school team we have spent years with. The Outlaws will always be remembered as a highlight of our son’s high school lacrosse career as well as one of the best opportunities that gave him the exposure and finally the options to play for DI, II and III College lacrosse programs.

-John Gibbons, son Johno, St. Ignatius College Prep (Amherst)


Although able to attend only one of the two events, I thought the Alcatraz Outlaws travel team experience was productive, well run and fun to be a part of. The professional way coach Braden Edwards and Greg Angilly handled the delicate recruiting conversations with college coaches and parents was exceptional and resulted in multiple success stories. I strongly support the Alcatraz Outlaws, their staff and their mission to provide a quality top notch travel team program that delivers on its promise. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

-Peter Worstell, son Patrick, San Ramon Valley (University of California, Berkeley)


My two boys played with the Outlaw over the past two summers. They both had a tremendous experience and positive on two excellent teams that the coaches put together. The coaches molded a team in a few short weeks with a group of very talented youngsters and led them fairly and honestly. Both of my sons, and the other boys learned a lot from the top level competition they were exposed to on the east coast. The Outlaws did exceptionally well, surprising their east coast counterparts with their skill and work ethic. Braden can get in a kids face but every boy on the team had the utmost respect for him. I know that my sons benefited both as players and young men from the Outlaws opportunity.

-Mr. Rosenthal, son Adam, Redwood High School (Union College)


The Alcatraz Outlaws team is one of the finest lacrosse clubs in the country. Coaches Edwards, Angilly and Grose are three of the top lacrosse teachers in the Bay Area. Additionally, for H.S. players interested in playing at the next level, they are well connected in the college coaching ranks and well versed in the recruiting process. My son, Michael, gained invaluable experience and exposure this summer as a result of the Outlaws.

-John Tagliaferri, son Michael, San Ramon Valley (UNC)


If your son is interested in playing at the next level (DI, DII, DIII or MCLA), the Alcatraz Outlaw travel team is the single best option to help fulfill that goal. It all starts with the players. Coach Braden Edwards, David Grose and Greg Angilly start looking for the top talent in Northern California in early Fall. Utilizing their extensive coaching network, they identify players that have the qualities they look for in an Alcatraz Outlaw: character, talent and work ethic. compete in two national recruiting tournaments: The King of the Hill at Swarthmore College and The Gait Cup at Gettysburg College. The level of competition at these two tournaments is second to none and that’s why the best college coaches in the nation attend these two events. After the tournaments, the Outlaw coaching staff will stay in contact with you and your son, providing up-to-date feedback from college coaches and unwavering guidance through the intimidating college recruitment process. Their constant support and feedback is incredibly comforting during this phase of the process. And then, when all the information and options are on the table, you and your son can make an informed decision on what school best fits his needs and talents, both academically and athletically. And when that time comes, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that by being part of the Alcatraz Outlaw travel team, you helped your son reach his dreams of playing at the next level. Good luck and Go Outlaws!

-Phil Montero, son Will, De La Salle (Bryant)


The Alcatraz Outlaws provides an opportunity for talented players to play with the best teammates from Nor Cal against the best teams in the country for the top DI and DIII coaches in the country. The exceptional coaching staff prepares the team to showcase individual and team skills in a real time, highly competitive environment. And when the calls from coaches come in, and they do, they actively communicate with college coaches and provide invaluable guidance in the recruiting process. Our son has committed to his first choice school – a top 10 DIII program at a top 10 Liberal Arts College on the east coast. It would not have been possible without the outstanding program and coaching staff of the Alcatraz Outlaws. Thank you Coach Edwards, Angilly and Grose and thanks to the remarkable teammates and families from the 2009 and 2010 Outlaws teams.

-John Bodine, son Jack, St. Ignatius College Prep (Haverford)