Team 2029/30

Team Coaches:  Aaron Moatz (Middlebury College), John Josi (Cal Berkeley University)

Position Coaches:  Andrew Gvozden (Hofstra / GOALIE), Scott Jennings (Redwood Varsity Assistant / FACE-OFFS)

Player Development:  Peter Langkammerer (Salisbury University / St. Ignatius Prep Varsity Assistant Coach), Blake Atkins (Swarthmore College / Redwood High School Varsity HC)


2019-20 SCHEDULE 

SICP = St. Ignatius College Prep, 2001 37th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116


8-Sep Sunday SICP 9am-11am
15-Sep Sunday SICP 9am-11am
22-Sep Sunday SICP 9am-11am
6-Oct Sunday SICP 9am-11am
13-Oct Sunday SICP 9am-11am
20-Oct Sunday SICP 9am-11am
27-Oct Sunday SICP 10am-12pm
10-Nov Sunday SICP 3pm-5pm
17-Nov Sunday SICP 10am-12pm
1-Dec Sunday SICP 9am-11am
15-Dec Sunday SICP 3pm-5pm
22-Dec Sunday SICP 9am-11am
12-Jan Sunday SICP 5pm-6:30pm
18-Jan Saturday SICP 4pm-6pm

NEW/PENDING:  “AO Night” – Practice & Walk Thru, Friday January 24th @ Beach Chalet & AO High School Games (Schedule TBD)

Summer practice TBD (late May thru last event June)


2019-20 EVENTS

November 23rd, Petaluma, CA:  TURKEY SHOOTOUT
Saturday only, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD

January 24th-26th, San Francisco, CA:  KING’S SHOWCASE
Friday, 7pm-9pm:  Practice / Game TBD
Saturday, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD
Sunday, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD

June 13th-14th, San Francisco, CA:  BATTLE OF THE BAY
Saturday, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD

Sunday, 8am-4pm: Games TBD

June 19th-21st, Truckee, CA:  TAHOE SUMMIT
Friday, 3pm-7pm:  Games TBD
Saturday, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD
Sunday, 8am-4pm:  Games TBD



-All players receive an AO gear pack including custom game reversible, game shorts, practice reversible, practice shorts, and shooter shirt.

ROSTERS:  Our rosters are comprised of up to 27 players per team (6 Attack, 9 Midfield, 2 FOGO, 2 LSM, 6 Defense, 2 Goalie).  Teams will NOT exceed 27 travel players.  Developmental Player spots are available (non-travel).

PLAYING TIME:   Playing time must be earned and is not guaranteed.  At events, coaches do their best to play all players, but game situation can often dictate otherwise.  Practice reps, however, are equally distributed in our effort to develop all players.

TRAVEL:  Players are responsible for their own accommodations (flights, hotel, meals, and transportation).